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Turn News into Actionable Intelligence

Over 2 million sources worldwide

Owlin's algorithms search and analyse news sources worldwide 2mln+ and counting every day. Articles can be ranked by importance, buzz or categorized by sentiment.

This is what you can do with 2 million sources:

Risk Dashboard

For risk and compliance managers

Tailored to the needs of a leading global payment service provider and a top-3 Dutch bank helping risk managers track their counterparts and risks.

For risk and compliance managers  

Or this:

ING Sprinters

For brokers and traders

Owlin scans the news on the 200+ shares in the ING Bank Sprinters program and selects the 15 most-discussed companies, categorized by positive, neutral and negative sentiment. Showing investors in one glance where it happens.

For brokers and traders  

Or this:

KPMG Technology Trends Index

For research professionals

The first index in the world to provide a dynamic, live view of technology trends in eight large industry sectors. It shows the ebb and flow of around 25 selected trends over a period of 200 days, continuously updated.

For research professionals  

Or this:

Owlin Newsroom

You define the search. As narrow or as broad as you want. As many searches as you want. Owlin goes to work. Two million+ sources, worldwide, 24/7.

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What can we do for you?

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Some of our clients:

Owlin serves the financial industry

For risk and compliance managers

Monitor external threads and receive automatic alerts

For brokers and traders

Monitor your portfolio and use local news to your advantage

For research professionals

Compress weeks of research into one day

Why Owlin?

Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten

Co-Founder The Next Web

‘Real-time news analysis is a hot topic. Owlin provides a powerful solution that goes way beyond our own digital sense. It's a very promising idea for a promising market.’

Werner Vogels

CTO & VP Amazon

‘I see a lot of opportunities in the data Owlin collects, the fact that they are able to do real-time analysis is in my opinion very valuable.’