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Portfolio Management

Uncover opaque markets

Monitoring existing portfolios, or looking for new opportunities? The daily tasks of a portfolio manager are time-consuming. For non-transparent markets it can be difficult to find information in the first place. From listed equity to non-listed debt, English, Chinese, or Russian — our solution ensures your portfolio is covered.

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How we can help you

Automated monitoring

Owlin’s algorithms scan millions of online news sources searching for relevant events, doing the otherwise time-consuming work in a matter of seconds and pointing you where to look. Intuitive applications effortlessly prioritize, filter and rank your portfolio based on relevant signals.

Uncover opaque markets

Owlin’s coverage is not limited to investment-grade assets: Through proprietary classification and extraction engines, Owlin helps you to cover private companies, infrastructure and real estate across languages and geographies, including the major emerging markets.

Evaluation made easy

Using Owlin’s capability to analyze the most important events over the past month or quarter, you can easily reflect back on the most material events by evaluating your portfolio company against a number of themes crucial to your decision-making process.

Time constraints – solved

Integrate Owlin with your workflow, by setting up push notifications and scheduled newsletters that provide alerts on items important to you. Export functionalities help you to embed our data in your own reports.

Get the full picture

Integrate pricing data, performance indicators or internal data, ensuring you get a comprehensive perspective on your portfolio and market-moving events.

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Read our white papers to learn more about our vision on how NLP can be leveraged find new opportunities, mitigate risk, and uncover opaque and emerging markets.


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