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Adverse Media Monitoring with AI: Features our Clients Love

With an AI solution like Owlin, companies can gather information from diverse internal and external sources for adverse media monitoring. Of course, gathering information is just the first step – evaluating the data is equally critical. In this blog, we share the features of our AI platform that are valued most by our clients.  

1. Real-time ranking and prioritization 

The real-time ranking and prioritization capabilities help risk managers, fraud analysts, and investigative departments to filter the signals from the noise and see ‘where the action is happening’.

2. Powerful data configuration and visualization

The robust data configuration and visualization capabilities provide Owlin users within seconds with actionable intelligence about their counterparties, clients, or merchants, ensuring they are in total control all the time. 

3. Real-time alerts 

Performing in-depth analysis with Owlin means important signals are delivered straight into the dashboards, alerts and API feeds, cutting research teams’ need for manual browsing through endless streams of news articles. 

4. Transparent scoring models

Our clients value that the scoring models we use are not an opaque black box and can be explained, audited, and interrogated with transparency. Risk scores give clear signals as to trending themes and early warning signals of impending risk events.

Our customer success team helps you to leverage our platform as fully as possible

As an AI solution, we like to put our trust in technology, and we understand that making technology work for you requires excellent customer service. Therefore, you will be supported by our customer success team from day one. We like to go the extra mile in onboarding you and set up a customized dashboard that keeps you as informed as possible. 

Owlin makes adverse media monitoring straightforward 

With Owlin, abnormal activity monitoring becomes a straightforward exercise, allowing financial institutions, payment service providers, and consultancies to identify outliers or bad actors within their portfolios. Businesses are better protected against financial and non-financial risks and gain comfort that they are not missing critical events or news across the globe.

About Owlin

Owlin is an AI-driven platform that eases decision-making and provides risk intelligence. We proactively provide organizations with critical insights into counterparties, clients, vendors, suppliers, competitors, and prospects, continuously and in real-time. By visualizing complex data in a simple and customizable interface, we ensure you don’t get lost in the wealth of information. We apply AI (Natural Language Processing) to provide valuable hidden insights into the data. This enables you and your business to work faster, be better informed, reduce risks and stay on top of opportunities and trends.

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