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Get the full picture

Leverage our advanced analytics platform and get a comprehensive, forward-looking perspective on your portfolio or business environment. Detect risk, opportunity, and trendsļ¼¨across multiple languages and in near real-time.

A 360 degree view

Millions of sources ensure extensive coverage of both listed and private entities. Our translation capabilities provide you with global coverage and a deep understanding of foreign markets.


Monitor thousands of entities simultaneously and get a proactive, real-time view on material events. Events are clustered, filtered and scored to save time and sift the signals from the noise.

Flexible and fast

Flexible SaaS applications and a powerful API. Developed to fit in your daily workflow, internal organization, or end-user solution.

You're in good company

Owlin helps you to

Signal Risk

Get a proactive view on risk and maximize your capital efficiency. Monitor thousands of entities simultaneously and get informed on material events around your assets, clients or counterparties in near real-time.

Our Solutions

Discover opportunity

Find opportunities faster, stay ahead of the market, and lead the conversation with your clients. Owlin helps you by highlighting important developments and opportunities in your portfolio or business environment.

Our Solutions

Explore market-moving trends

Easily analyze millions of data points in real-time to get unique insights. Find patterns that were hidden before and keep track of peers, competitors and market trends.

Our Solutions

Actionable Intelligence

Using the latest technologies in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, we help you to monitor, analyze, and prioritize the wealth of information that impacts your business or portfolio.

Millions of sources

Get the full picture by leveraging Owlin's proprietary news pipeline. Enrich with premium content or internal data.

Multiple languages

Our proprietary machine translation models include 12 languages including English, Chinese, and Russian.

AI-powered analytics

A wide range of NLP and ML-powered analytics that classify, rank, score, and extract meaningful insight from unstructured data.

Plug and play

Intuitive applications visualize the data and easily fit it into your workflow. Integrate with your own applications or models using our API.

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