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Negative News Monitoring: why AI is Crucial

Millions of news articles are published daily in official and unofficial sources; it can take just one to destabilize your organization. Therefore, negative news monitoring is crucial for companies to gain critical insights into counterparties, clients, vendors, suppliers, competitors, and prospects. However, businesses often struggle with monitoring the news and often engage teams of workers to analyze manually. This blog explains how and why you can benefit from negative news monitoring with AI. 

The challenges

First, let’s dive into the challenges of manual negative news monitoring:

1. Manual negative news monitoring can be time-consuming.

Teams at banks, asset managers, private equity firms, pension funds, corporates, consultants, and payment service providers often employ a manual process where research teams and risk teams look for negative news through routine Google searches. Considering that you want to know what’s going on, not only when onboarding new clients but also on an ongoing basis, this process can be exceptionally exhausting and time-consuming, considering the vast amount of data out there. 

2. Are you getting the whole picture?

The simple answer is: you don’t know. We are aware that manual processes are prone to missing critical pieces of information. Furthermore, most companies require combining internal and external data to create complete overviews, which can be complex.

3. It can be hard to distinguish signals from noise. 

Of course, gathering information is just the first step – evaluating the data is equally critical. Organizations should be able to distinguish signals from noise. By doing so, you can prioritize your work by focusing only on events that might disrupt your business or supply chain.

The solution: negative news monitoring with AI 

By visualizing complex data in a simple and customizable interface, an AI platform ensures you don’t get lost in the wealth of information. By applying AI (Natural Language Processing), you can get valuable insights hidden in the data. This enables you and your business to work faster, be better informed, reduce risks and stay on top of opportunities and trends. 

Our solutions for negative news monitoring with AI

Tackling the challenges above is the core of our business. Owlin is an AI-driven platform that eases decision-making and provides real-time risk intelligence. With Owlin, you get:

  • Global coverage in 17 languages: insights into what matters to you most
  • Access to international news, integrated with internal and third-party information
  • Optimized workflows and reporting
  • Less manual overhead and increased efficiency
  • A One-Stop-Shop solution for enterprise use
  • Comfort that you aren’t missing critical information

Sounds good, right?

We would be delighted to tell you more about Owlin’s approach to negative news monitoring.

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