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Counterparty Risk

Proactive counterparty insights

Driven by an uncertain world, escalating costs, and increasing regulatory pressure, it’s more difficult than ever to obtain the necessary controls around assets and counterparties and get a proactive view on emerging risk. Owlin helps you to detect critical events in a timely manner, sifting through the noise to identify key signals. 

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How we can help you

Wide coverage

Over 3M sources across major global languages enhanced by granular factors (such as key people and subsidiaries) that help form a better picture where other information is unavailable

Portfolio transparency

Dynamic portfolio ranking based on different types of risk helps detect emerging risk and sift the signals from the noise. Cover large portfolios and offset those by various risk factors, including financial & legal risk events, operational risk events or ESG-factors.

Timely action

Our intuitive web-based applications provide a visual overview and gives you a proactive perspective on potentially material events.  Personalized alerts for your portfolio companies in form of push notifications or daily/weekly newsletter helps you stay ahead of any emerging risk.

A one-stop shop

Integrate market data, internal research and exposures with the Owlin platform, and obtain a 360 degrees, real-time perspective on any material changes in- and outside your investment portfolio or business environment.

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Read more about our vision on proactive Risk Management in our white papers and case studies.


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