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Optimized Risk Intelligence

Owlin provides powerful predictive text analytics solutions to the world’s leading corporates, financial institutions, consultants and payments companies.

With Owlin you will get:

  • Global and language agnostic insights in what matters to you
  • Access to global news, internal and third-party information
  • Optimized workflows and reporting
  • Less overhead and increased efficiency
  • A One-Stop-Shop solution for the entire company

Discover the powerful AI solutions we offer and how we help you signal risk, discover opportunities, increase efficiencies, and save time.

Third-Party Risk Management

Monitor your third party landscape in a perfect One-Stop-Shop solution, leading to optimal insights and efficiency, complete insights and a perfect workflow.

Counterparty Risk

Get a proactive view on your counterparty portfolio, flag emerging risks and sift the signals from the noise.

Monitor merchant portfolios across languages and geographies, and reduce chargeback risks while improving capital efficiency.

Market Intelligence

Make smart, informed strategic decisions and keep an eye on market trends, peer activity and critical developments.

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