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Consumer Review Monitoring for Payment Service Providers

Customers who complain about not receiving a refund, longer-than-expected shipping times, or simply an increase in the volume of negative consumer reviews serve as leading indicators for Payment Service Providers (PSPs) that something may be amiss with a merchant. 

However, PSPs often encounter challenges in manually analyzing consumer reviews due to the sheer volume of their portfolio, so they tend to perform consumer review checks in a reactive rather than proactive manner. Additionally, they struggle to analyze consumer reviews across various languages and detect historical trends.

Owlin is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of its Consumer Review Monitoring Module for Payment Service Providers (PSPs). This feature enables PSPs to automatically and continuously monitor their merchants’ performance according to the merchant’s customers to identify early warning signals before a negative event is reported after the fact in the media or, for example, in a bankruptcy register. 

The Advantages of Consumer Review Monitoring for Payment Service Providers

The Owlin platform analyzes information using AI (NLP) and LLMs (Large Language Models). Once the most critical risks are determined, filters are established to sort, rank, and extract risk signals from various data sources. Allowing PSPs to:

Continuously monitor merchants’ consumer reviews 

The Owlin platform enables PSPs to monitor consumer reviews of all their merchants around the clock. PSPs can choose how often they want to receive updates: check-in once daily or receive alerts directly when a negative trend is detected for a merchant. 

Check for historical consumer review trends in easy-to-interpret graphs

 A single negative review may not necessarily indicate that a merchant is going bankrupt, engaged in fraud, or experiencing financial hardship due to changing economic circumstances. However, a sudden trend shift could suggest that something is amiss with a merchant. Owlin’s Consumer Reviews Module allows PSPs to track consumer review trends in easy-to-interpret graphs (with historical data) on a customized dashboard.

Analyze consumer reviews in 16 different languages

Owlin’s algorithms can monitor consumer reviews in 16 languages in near real-time in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, French, Dutch, German, Polish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, and Korean.

Consumer Review Monitoring for PSPs as a part of Owlins’ KYC for PSP offering

Owlin’s Review Monitoring for PSPs will form a vital component of Owlin’s KYC for PSPs solution, released earlier this year. This solution provides Payment Service Providers with comprehensive support for onboarding, monitoring, and offboarding merchants by assisting PSPs in screening their merchants against various data sources, such as Adverse Media, Sanctions, and Politically Exposed Persons – soon to be supplemented by Consumer Review intelligence. 

Want to know more about our Consumer Review Monitoring for PSPs Offering?

If you are a Payment Service Provider struggling to monitor consumer reviews across different languages and detect crucial trends and risk signals, Owlin’s new Consumer Review Monitoring feature for PSPs is here to help.

Owlin can help you monitor your merchants’ performance automatically and continuously and detect potential issues before they escalate. Schedule a demo today and experience the power of Owlin’s Review Monitoring for PSPs firsthand!

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