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Eduardo about being a Product and Customer Success Manager at Owlin

At Owlin, we couldn’t do what we are doing without the great work of everyone working with us. In this interview series, The People of Owlin, we ask them about their daily work, background, and where they see Owlin going in the future. This month: Eduardo Zajbert Peña talks about his role at Owlin as a Product and Customer Success Manager. Discover the multidisciplinary nature of Eduardo’s work and the dynamic work environment at Owlin.

When did you join Owlin?

I joined Owlin in May of this year.

And how did you end up here?

My introduction to Owlin came about while working with one of their clients, Van Lanschot Kempen. As we conducted a product trial, I was highly intrigued by Owlin’s offerings, which aligned perfectly with my interests and background. The company’s innovative nature and the technical challenges it presented captivated me. Having experienced the complexities of combining the technical and business sides as a client, I saw it as an exciting challenge. It motivated me to reach out to Sarah and explore the possibilities of joining Owlin.

What is your impression of Owlin so far?

I find the company interesting regarding how everyone is hands-on and involved in internal and client-related matters. People are actively working on client requests and have a good understanding of their needs and pain points. This creates a valuable learning cycle for the entire company. Moreover, the people at Owlin are open-minded, friendly, and easy to connect with, making it a good experience overall.

Can you tell us about your Product and Customer Success Manager role and main responsibilities?

As a Product and Customer Success Manager , I see myself as the technical expert in the commercial team. My main responsibility is ensuring we understand our clients’ technical needs and how our product can fulfill them in detail, going beyond a high-level business perspective. This involves gathering client requirements, scoping and defining how we can deliver on those requirements, and ensuring client satisfaction.

Additionally, I work closely with clients, listening to their needs, which has led me to be actively involved in product development. I prioritize new features based on client value and collaborate with designers and developers to bring those features to life.

What qualities or skills do you think are essential for someone in your role to be successful?

Communication is paramount. It’s not just about how you present or talk to people but also about understanding and translating information from others into actionable steps. Abstract thinking is crucial in bridging the gap between business and technical perspectives. Being organized is also essential since you deal with ad-hoc requests and must prioritize effectively based on available resources.

What do you enjoy the most about your job at Owlin?

I enjoy the multidisciplinary nature of my work. Working on different things simultaneously keeps the job fast-paced and dynamic, making it hard to get bored. The challenges we face are interesting and complex issues. It’s great to see how different people solve these problems collaboratively. My role’s dynamism also allows me to focus on the bigger picture while relying on others to handle details.

What project are you currently working on that excites you?

We’re currently focusing on developing a new feature incorporating consumer reviews into Owlin insights. While our primary focus has been on news articles, we’ve realized the significance of tracking what customers are saying about our clients’ merchants. These reviews can provide early indications of potential issues for a company. This project is exciting because it impacts various aspects of our organization, from data gathering and management to data presentation and insights extraction. It involves multi-faceted collaboration with different teams and our clients, making it a truly dynamic endeavor.

What role does teamwork play in your position, and how do you foster collaboration within your team?

Teamwork is vital in my role. Since each issue we tackle is different, a collaborative approach is crucial. Transparency ensures everyone knows what we’re working on and where the problem originates. If someone has input or availability, they can step in and help. Constant communication through meetings, email, and chat supports keeping everyone informed, even if someone is sick or on vacation.

How do you handle challenging situations during implementation, and what lessons have you learned from those experiences?

When faced with challenging situations, I first look at how similar issues were handled in the past. I reach out to colleagues who have worked on similar problems and learn from their experiences. I approach the situation with a fresh perspective by critically evaluating what went well and what could be improved. This allows me to find alternative solutions without being biased by previous approaches.

Having lived in Mexico City and the Netherlands, are there any noticeable differences in business culture or work dynamics that you’ve experienced?

Absolutely. In the Netherlands, my previous experience was within a corporate environment, while in Mexico, I worked for a smaller tech company with a younger workforce, similar to Owlin’s atmosphere. Both settings had distinct differences. What I particularly appreciate about the culture here at Owlin is the strong emphasis on teamwork. There is a genuine camaraderie where everyone is fully engaged, not only in work matters but also in what happens outside the office. It’s akin to being part of a sports team, where the connections extend beyond the game.

What aspects of life in the Netherlands do you appreciate or enjoy the most compared to your time in Mexico City?

I appreciate how personal time is respected and treated in Dutch culture. In Mexico, working longer hours leaves less time for personal activities. In the Netherlands, having a life outside work is encouraged, and there is time for engaging in activities and spending time with people after work.

Conversely, do you miss any aspects of Mexican culture or lifestyle while living in the Netherlands?

One aspect that stands out is the food. It’s quite obvious, but the culinary experience in Mexico is distinct. Fortunately, at Owlin, we have a shared appreciation for food, and our lunches go beyond simple sandwiches with cheese. We enjoy proper meals together. However, the food culture and how life revolves around it differ greatly from Mexico.

Additionally, people in Mexico tend to be warmer. It’s challenging to describe, as people in the Netherlands are genuinely open and friendly, especially during initial interactions. However, developing deeper friendships may take more time. In Mexico, the first social interaction might be more difficult, but after that, it becomes easier to connect.

Furthermore, I’ve noticed that people in the Netherlands are generally more reliable. When agreements are made, they are more likely to be fulfilled. In Mexico, agreements can sometimes be viewed more as suggestions. I appreciate the balance between the two approaches.

How do you see Owlin developing in the future?

Owlin is focusing more on specific clients rather than casting a wide net. We aim to leverage the knowledge we have gained from past experiences and become experts in risk monitoring. By narrowing our focus and being knowledgeable in content-related matters, we will provide even more value to our clients. Owlin is also keen on incorporating new technologies into our workflow, implementing modern AI, and maintaining our innovative mentality. The company’s constant learning and fast-paced approach will help us stay at the forefront of the industry.

What are your future goals or aspirations for your career at Owlin and beyond?

At Owlin, I want to contribute to the company’s growth by improving our ability to adapt to our clients’ needs and delivering value consistently. By achieving this systematically, Owlin will expand, allowing me to work on more significant problems, handle more requests and ideas, and collaborate with a larger team. I look forward to the continuous growth and development of both the company and myself.

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