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Does NLP do a better job than the human alternative?

In our previous blogs, we discussed the challenges organizations face in gaining stakeholder insights and how Owlin can help organizations develop a robust risk scoring framework by leveraging Natural Language Processing. In this blog we answer the question (that we get a lot): are these NLP technologies doing a better job than the human alternative?

Higher standards for machines

We have a tendency to set higher standards for machines than we do for ourselves. Even if humans were somehow able to monitor hundreds of thousands of articles a day in over a dozen languages – and of course nobody is able to – then mistakes would be made, and interpretations would sometimes differ.

NLP is doing a better job than any human alternative

Though technology such as NLP is constantly being improved upon and enhanced, it’s already doing a better and more effective job than any human alternative – at the very least, by helping decide where to look for crucial signals. Perfection shouldn’t get in the way of the (very) good.

Leveraging NLP for risk and strategic insights

Data scoring is a highly valuable way for companies to obtain manageable and actionable insights. In an era of the mass proliferation of available data, innovative NLP technologies can help monitor and digest vast swathes of information – presenting valuable insights as a single number. This represents a radical improvement on slow and manual workflows that aren’t really data-driven at all, and allows firms to dedicate time, energy, resources, and money to the areas of greatest interest or concern. With regulators and consumers increasingly setting higher standards, managing and controlling data in this way is more important than ever.

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