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How to Solve for the Hidden Battle for the User’s Desktop

This white paper discovers why businesses struggle with complex application landscapes and how to navigate through the chaos. Read about the consequences of settling for subpar solutions.

Consumer Reviews as Leading Indicator for Merchant Risk

This whitepaper explores the challenges of risk management for acquiring banks and payment facilitators in the growing digital payments landscape. 

Venminder – Owlin Partnership in Adverse Media Monitoring

We explore how TPRM challenges can be minimized and investigate how combining TPRM vendors’ strengths through partnerships can contribute to a solution.

To ChatGPT or Not to ChatGPT, That’s the Question

Exploring the advantages and drawbacks of harnessing OpenAI's ChatGPT and the rationale behind Owlin's adoption of a hybrid approach when it comes to utilizing ChatGPT.

How Technology Can Help PSPs Build Their pKYC Frameworks

This whitepaper dives deeper into the differences between KYC and pKYC, the advantages of pKYC for PSPs, and how technology can help PSPs build their pKYC frameworks.

Revolutionizing Risk Management: Consumer Review Monitoring for PSPs

In this whitepaper, we dive deeper into how PSPs can leverage technology to overcome the challenges they face when monitoring consumer reviews.

Navigating the Future – PSD3 and the Regulatory KYC Landscape for PSPs

In this whitepaper, we dive deeper into the possible changes regarding the know-your-customer (KYC) strategies employed by Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

DORA Compliance: Leveraging Tech for Vendor Risk Management

This whitepaper examines how financial institutions can use technology for ongoing vendor risk monitoring, focusing on adverse media signals as early ICT-vendor risk indicators.

The complexity of assessing sentiment in text: Owlin’s approach

Owlin's NLP technology evaluates risk in articles, generating individual and aggregated scores for informed decision-making. What makes this approach unique?

How Does High Inflation Affect for Third Party Risk Management?

In this white paper, we discuss how high inflation challenges Third Party Risk Management and why using NLP technology for real-time insights into your supply chain is an innovative and effective...

Simplifying TPRM: use risk intelligence scoring to cut through complexity

This white paper shares our views on how sentiment scoring can add value in the third party risk domain and how we at Owlin have adopted a framework to perform effective scoring.

Third-Party Risk Management Transformation

In this white paper, the Third-Party Risk specialists of Owlin provide their view on the challenges and trends the TPRM market is facing in 2022.

Augmenting ESG Ratings With NLP for Better Investments

This white paper examines the drawbacks of current ESG ratings and how their effects translate through the chain to investment firms and their clients.

Empowering Leading PSPs With Adverse News Monitoring

PSPs are expanding globally but face challenges in compliance and risk management. Automated adverse news screening, like Owlin's, helps mitigate financial and compliance risks.

How Adverse News Monitoring Benefits Companies With Large Client Portfolios

Financial crimes are soaring due to outdated monitoring systems. Adverse news screening, like Owlin's, offers proactive monitoring to prevent misconduct.

Building Resilient Supply Chains Through Technology

Owlin's new white paper deep dives into how technology enables financial organizations to track risks and identify opportunities within their supply chains.

Financial Markets Outlook: opportunities, trends & challenges ’21

To help financial institutions adapt and smooth their journey ahead, here are our actionable insights and solutions on how to capitalize on the opportunities and overcome the hurdles of 2021.

Why use of real-time news analytics rises during turbulent economic times

This white paper is about how NLP improves your performance during the Covid-19 Crisis by optimizing insights in emerging risk in your investment portfolio.

The Wisdom Of The Crowd: what does it tell us in times of market disruption?

In this white paper we turn to news analytics to illustrate how the spread of opinion affects confidence in the stock markets. Download your copy now!

How To Incorporate Real-Time Data Analytics In Economic Volatile Times

This white paper reflects on the events that happened in 2020, and how NLP helps being on top of an emerging risk for one party, while creating investment opportunities for others. 

How to Remove Informational Barriers From Non-Transparent Markets

This white paper emphasizes the importance of timely insights in non-transparent markets and demonstrates how technology can help you outperform the market.

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