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On this page, you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about Owlin. Don’t see the question and answer you’re looking for? Contact us! We are happy to answer all of your questions. And of course, get to know you! Want to get to know us the fast way? Check our video!

FAQs about Owlin

FAQs about our platform

FAQs about our clients

What does Owlin do?

Owlin is an AI-driven platform that eases decision-making and provides risk intelligence. We provide organizations with critical insights into counterparties, clients, vendors, suppliers, competitors, and prospects proactively, continuously, and in real-time.  

By visualizing complex data in a simple and customizable interface, we make sure that you don’t get lost in the wealth of information. We apply AI (Natural Language Processing) to provide valuable insights that are hidden in the data. This enables you and your business to work faster, be better informed, reduce risks and stay on top of opportunities and trends.

How old is the company?

Owlin was founded by Sjoerd Leemhuis in Amsterdam in 2012. Learn more about our journey on the page ‘Our Journey’.

What’s the origin of Owlin?

Owlin refers to an Owl. An animal that likes to oversee everything from the sky. Just how we like to do with the Owlin.AI platform. Furthermore, OWL refers to Web Ontology Language. This is a language used for defining ontologies on the web. Lastly, OWL refers to One World Language. This is our core business: visualizing complex data in a simple and customizable interface.

Where is the company located?  

To serve our global clients, we have a headquarters in Amsterdam and an office in New York.

What companies use our platform?

Owlin serves a portfolio of global clients, ranging from banks, asset managers and private equity firms, pension funds, corporates, consultants, and payment service providers.

Why do companies use our platform?

  • Global coverage in multiple languages: insights into what matters to you
  • Access to global news integrated with internal and third-party information
  • Optimized workflows and reporting
  • Less manual overhead and increased efficiency
  • A One-Stop-Shop solution for enterprise use

What sources does Owlin use?

Your organization will get the full picture by leveraging Owlin’s proprietary news and data pipeline as well as access to over 3 million online sources including news, media and reviews. You can enrich this data with premium content or integrate with internal data to come to a one-stop-shop of essential intelligence.

How does Owlin ensure the quality of the data and information provided?

At Owlin, we take great pride in the quality and coverage of our data. To maintain our high standards, we have dedicated teams that continuously ensure our data meets stringent quality criteria. Additionally, we have integrated advanced large language models as an additional layer of quality assurance, further enhancing the reliability and accuracy of the information we provide.

What benefits do large language models (LLMs) bring to Owlin’s platform users?

Owlin has integrated large language models (LLMs) across various features of our platform to enhance the user experience. For example, LLMs contribute to generating intelligent summaries and serve as an additional layer of quality assurance, ensuring the highest data quality. This enables our users to access more accurate and efficient insights, streamlining their decision-making process, helping them save time, and reducing the need for manual checks. 

How does Owlin generate risk intelligence scores?

To answer this question, we recently developed the Owlin Data Scoring Overview:

Owlin Data Scoring Overview

How many companies can Owlin cover for me?

As many as you need! Want to cover 50,000 companies? No problem.

What languages does Owlin cover?

Our algorithms monitor more than 3 million mainstream and niche sources in 17 different languages in near real-time:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • French
  • Dutch
  • German
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • Danish
  • Swedish
  • Arabic
  • Turkish
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Romanian

How is Owlin delivered?

Owlin offers actionable insights in real-time via a SaaS platform (Dashboards) and via API feeds.

What use cases does Owlin serve?

Owlin offers powerful AI solutions that help you identify risk, discover opportunities, increase efficiencies, and save time:

Does Owlin offer a trial to test out the platform?

Yes, we offer the opportunity to trial our platform for two weeks, so you can fully experience what Owlin has to offer. To start a trial, please schedule a demo with our sales team.

Who are your clients?

We are very proud to count globally recognized and well-respected brands like Adyen, KPMG,  NNIP & OHM Research among our clients however, we serve both large and small locally-focused clients across the globe.

What do clients think of Owlin?

Some example testimonials:

“Owlin always puts you in the center of their service.”

Barry Landegent, Head of Merchant Potential Liability Risk at Adyen

“Recently we reviewed an investment in a supermarket with the company itself providing much information – how they try to greenify their business, improve the quality of the products, etc. On the other hand, we found articles that they had disruptions with the workforce, making them work extra hours without additional payments. And that is also a part of ESG. Having found this, we decided against making the investment.”

Wim Van Nes, Head of Credit Risk at NN IP

“The combination of our platform and Owlin makes it increasingly easy for clients to access news and insights. For example, we can send them daily updates about topics of interest both globally and in Brazil or tailor specific products, which make our approach more proactive and helps build better relationships with our clients.”

Roberto Attuch, Founder and CEO of OHM Research

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