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Use cases

Learn how we help professionals in different industries structure news and integrate risk and market insights into daily workflows.

Banks – How AI platform Owlin helps banks monitor portfolios

Find out how Owlin helps banks stay on top of emerging events.

Payment Service Providers- Adverse media monitoring for PSPs

Find out how Owlin helps Payment Service Providers minimize potential losses.

Portfolio Managers – Emerging Markets Credits

Find out how Owlin helps Emerging Markets with diverse portfolio coverage.

Credit & Counterparty Risk Managers – Continuously Monitoring of Risk

Find out how Owlin helps Credit & Counterparty Risk Managers stay compliant and in control.

Asset managers – Manage Commercial Real Estate with AI

Find out how AI can help Asset Managers flag risk events and spot business opportunities.

Private Equity Firms & Asset Managers – Application of Alternative Data

Find out how Owlin enables Private Equity Firms & Asset Managers to optimize Alternative Data.

Private Equity – NLP and data analytics for private equity firms

Find out how Owlin can help private equity firms with NLP & data analytics for optimal insights.

Strategy & Market Professionals – Competitor & Market Intelligence

Find out how Owlin enhances insights in highly specialized markets with advanced NLP.

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