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Case Studies

Learn about how others are leveraging Owlin!

Ensuring complete coverage of counter parties and risk assessment through forward-looking indicators

By curating a list of forward-looking indicators, Owlin ensures a timely warning system that identifies any potential risks or instabilities in an extensive network of banks and brokers.

From static outdated credit-rating reports to timely detection of looming risks and emerging trends

Find out how Owlin helps multiple KPMG departments get ahead of the latest developments in various industries within the European and American markets.

Transparent credit risk and counterparty monitoring for first-class regulatory compliance

Fitch Solutions’ cooperation with Owlin allowed the company to ensure the adequate and timely informational coverage of an extensive portfolio of private and foreign entities.

Owlin helps Investment firm NN Investment Partners Enhance ESG-Scoring for Sustainable Investment Portfolios

Learn how Owlin helps NN Investment Partners, one of the leading investment firms in the EU, navigate the dynamic ESG and alternative investments niche.

How multinational payment and transactional services company Worldline uses Owlin for Adverse News Monitoring

Owlin helps Worldline, a global leader in payment services, avoid significant financial losses and remain in adequate control of non-financial risks like reputational harm & compliance issues.

How Payments Company Adyen Leverages Owlin for Merchant Risk Management

Owlin continues to streamline Adyen’s merchant risk monitoring processes. Adyen’s risk team daily uses Owlin to zoom in on what’s happening with its vendors all across the world.

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