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Staying informed can be overwhelming in a fast-paced world filled with constant news updates, emerging risks, and increased regulatory scrutiny. With Owlin Newsletter, you can stay focused on the latest developments in your portfolio, making you stay ahead of the game. 

Choose how you receive your alerts, whether instant or direct via newsletter, dashboard, or another preferred method. Owlin’s Newsletter offering is designed to meet your unique business needs and are fully customizable to your organizational requirements.

Portfolio and Thematic Alerts

Get a comprehensive view of your global portfolio with the Owlin Newsletter. Monitor your global portfolio and stay updated on relevant events with tailored perspectives. Enhance your understanding and gather information with data enrichment options, giving you complete visibility into your portfolio.

>3 Million Sources

Our platform provides you with unparalleled access to a wealth of news and web information. Elevate your understanding with the integration of premium data points and your internal data.

16 Languages

Stay ahead of adverse media, no matter the language. Owlin's multilingual monitoring capabilities provide you with almost worldwide coverage making sure you'll always stay caught up.

No Noise

Say goodbye to the noise. With Owlin, you'll have a streamlined and organized view of the news. Our algorithms consolidate and group repeating events, so you won't be overwhelmed with alerts.

Scoring of Events

Stay ahead of the curve with Owlin's scoring models. Our transparent and verifiable approach can help to ensure that you detect critical signals, risk insights, or events that matter to your business.


Unlock the power of information with Owlin's query language. Retrieve insights from a vast array of sources with precision and flexibility. Our technology classifies entities, topics, and events accurately, giving you the information you need, when you need it.

Personalized lenses

At Owlin, we understand that each customer has unique monitoring needs. That's why we offer the flexibility to tailor the lenses that are being used, so you'll have complete control over the information that matters most to you.

Instant or scheduled

Would you like to receive a newsletter in your Inbox every morning or do you prefer to receive instant alerts when something is going on that may affect your business? You choose! Owlin Newsletter is fully customizable to your workflow.

Continuously improving

At Owlin, we prioritize our clients above all else. By making your needs a central focus in our product development, we continually strive to enhance and refine our offerings to better serve you.

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Receive risk and market insights via Owlin Newsletter

Receive risk and market insights via Owlin Newsletter

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