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Owlin Monitoring

Monitor Adverse Media and Consumer Reviews in 17 languages

Are you concerned about missing crucial risk signals? Owlin Monitoring allows you to continuously monitor adverse media and consumer reviews in 17 languages, ensuring you are timely noticed on relevant risk signals about:

  • Merchants: Reducing chargeback risk and improving capital efficiency effortlessly.
  • Suppliers: Identifying potential challenges before they escalate with timely insights.
  • Counterparties: Staying ahead of threats and protect your assets effectively.
  • Vendors: gaining a real-time perspective on changes within vendor landscapes.

Our customers use Owlin Monitoring to receive alerts about events and conduct deep dives into specific entities (such as merchants, suppliers, counterparties, vendors, etc.) or portfolios (groups of entities). 

Are you part of a third-party risk supply chain or merchant risk team? Then, we would like to show you the power of Owlin Monitoring. Contact us for a free demo using the button below.

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Why Owlin Monitoring?

Monitor News Across Languages

Owlin Monitoring allows you to access an extensive network of over three million sources and benefits from near real-time monitoring. Our state-of-the-art algorithms deliver comprehensive coverage and timely insights from 17 languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, French, Dutch, German, Polish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, and Korean.


Tailored Risk Notifications

Leveraging GenAI and advanced language models (ALMs), Owlin Monitoring excels in uncovering relevant risk insights from the news. We distill critical information and minimize noise and false positives, ensuring swift and accurate insights.

Better Understand Dynamics Within the News

Owlin Monitoring delves deep into news reports to unveil interconnected facts and entities. Our proprietary analysis and clustering techniques extract invaluable insights, identifying correlations and unveiling patterns across the extensive news landscape. Through these advanced methodologies, we provide a deeper understanding of the relationships and dynamics within the news, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Owlin Monitoring

Is Owlin Monitoring a self-serving solution?

Owlin Monitoring is a self-service solution. We don’t require query knowledge or any technical knowledge to get the insights ready for you, Unlike other platforms that necessitate prior knowledge of a company before initiating searches, Owlin provides a user-friendly self-service platform, allowing users to add cases (companies) themselves.

How does Owlin monitor adverse media?

Owlin employs advanced algorithms to continuously scan over 3 million mainstream and niche sources across 17 languages almost in real-time. Harnessing the power of AI, particularly Natural Language Processing (NLP), Owlin presents relevant signals through intuitive graphs and alerts, enabling users to focus on critical information.

Can Owlin Monitoring be integrated into existing workflows?

Absolutely. Owlin Monitoring stands out with its seamless integration capabilities with existing tools and systems. Recognizing that many users already utilize numerous tools to perform their tasks, Owlin Monitoring effortlessly integrates with these systems, ensuring a smooth transition and enhancing the overall user experience. Frequent systems we integrate with are ServiceNow, Salesforce, e-Attestations, Coupa, and Venminder.

Can I integrate my data into the Owlin platform?

Certainly! Owlin offers integrations, enabling you to enrich the Owlin platform with your data and establish a centralized hub of essential intelligence.

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