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Merchant monitoring service provider

Payment service providers are often put to test when it comes to delivering a timely response to emerging risks — especially when looking at global merchant portfolios with significant exposures. Merchant monitoring service provider Owlin helps you to monitor vast portfolios for adverse media. Are you ready to monitor your portfolio across languages and geographies and reduce chargeback risk and improve capital efficiency?

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Capture early warnings

Owlin’s seasoned offering for Payments & Merchant Monitoring offers an efficient workflow solution that focuses on delivering early warning signals for both financial and non-financial risks. Get informed on bankruptcy signals, fraudulent activity or operational issues, to act timely and proactively.

Private company coverage

Owlin’s versatile news and language coverage oversees both public and private entities, ranging from leading e-commerce players to mid-market companies in developing markets, making sure you don’t miss critical signals.

Responsible & Compliant

Having worked with some of the industry’s pioneers, Owlin’s offering boosts risk management capabilities, supports credit, compliance, and operational risk frameworks, and helps PSPs adhere to regulatory requirements effectively.

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Read our white papers and case studies to learn more about we help global Payment Service Providers to effectively monitor their portfolio and assist their risk & compliance functions effectively.

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