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About us

The Owlin platform generates actionable intelligence and early-warning signals to help risk management and investment departments identify risks, detect new entities and personas within the risk domain, uncover unknowns, and capture potential investment opportunities in real-time. 

Owlin’s platform is applied cross-industry with key use cases including:

  • Asset Management risk & portfolio management
  • Private equity risk & opportunity detection
  • Payments & merchant monitoring
  • Counterparty & credit risk
  • Vendor & supply chain risk
  • Wholesale banking & relationship management
  • Strategy & market intelligence
  • ESG monitoring
  • Compliance and KYC Management

To satisfy the needs of market participants, Owlin develops cutting-edge machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) tooling. What sets our platform apart, are its powerful features, easy integration, flexibility, customization capabilities, and accessibility.  

Over the years, our service-minded approach and creativity, as well as the drive to work closely with our clients and the willingness to challenge the status quo and come up with solutions beyond their expectations, have helped build an A-class customer portfolio. Today, Owlin is used globally by over 60 clients, including asset managers, banks, payments companies, consultancies, and many others.

We operate globally, covering all time zones. Our international team comprises data scientists, engineers, designers, and commercial talents — all tirelessly working to best serve our global client portfolio.

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