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Empowering Risk Analysts: A Use Case Perspective on Owlin’s Cases Feature

In the high-stakes world of risk management, every decision and action can have far-reaching consequences. Owlin’s newly introduced Cases feature is poised to revolutionize the way risk analysts handle adverse media, providing a comprehensive tool to streamline their workflow and enhance collaboration. Let’s delve into how this feature serves the specific needs of various stakeholders, as demonstrated through practical use cases.

Use Case 1: Streamlining Risk Analysis

Imagine a scenario where a risk analyst is tasked with monitoring a portfolio of merchants for any adverse media. With the Cases, the analyst can seamlessly mark relevant articles and categorize them into specific cases based on their severity. This allows for a systematic and structured approach to analyzing potential risks, ensuring that critical information doesn’t slip through the cracks.

Use Case 2: Collaborative Risk Assessment

Consider a team of risk associates working together to assess the impact of adverse media on their organization’s vendors. By utilizing Cases, they can collectively review and discuss flagged articles within a single case. The ability to add collaborators, such as senior risk managers or subject matter experts, fosters comprehensive risk assessments, leveraging the expertise and insights of the entire team.

Use Case 3: Enabling a multi-system risk management process 

Now, envision a situation where a risk manager needs to transfer critical information from the Owlin platform to the organization’s internal systems, such as a CRM or case management system, where they can bring together signals from multiple systems into one. With the ‘Cases’ feature, the risk manager can seamlessly link the identified cases to these external systems, ensuring that the data remains accessible for further analysis and reporting purposes, both internally and externally.

Use Case 4: Ensuring Compliance and Accountability

Consider the perspective of an auditor or regulator tasked with reviewing the actions taken by the risk management team. The ‘Cases’ feature not only provides a detailed audit trail that outlines every step taken within a specific case, but also ensures a thorough documentation of the decision-making process. This includes the ability to track and record articles that were deemed irrelevant or discarded during the risk assessment. This meticulous documentation of discarded information contributes to a more transparent and accountable risk management process, aligning with regulatory standards and providing a holistic view of the risk assessment journey. 

Leveraging the Power of Cases

Owlin’s Cases feature isn’t just another tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to cater to the specific needs of risk analysts, associates, managers, and auditors. By empowering users to streamline risk analysis, facilitate collaborative assessments, ensure seamless integration with external systems, and provide a robust audit trail, Cases transform the way organizations approach risk management.

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