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Product Release Update Q2 2024 – Owlin

Discover the new improvements within the Owlin Platform, tailored to provide essential risk insights, simplify your workflow, and bring peace of mind to your work life.

New Module – Consumer Reviews

Gain crucial risk insights from consumer reviews

Why did we add this module to our solution?

Consumers who are dissatisfied with products, complain about order fulfillment delays, or dispute transactions are all red flags that something might be going on with a company. We aim to get potential risk signals to you sooner than traditional information-gathering methods (e.g., financial reports). Therefore, we decided to add this valuable source of risk information to our platform. 

What’s new? 

Our updated Consumer Review Module now includes an overview screen that displays your entire portfolio, with relevant metrics and trends based on consumer reviews. Within one second, you will know which companies in your portfolio are receiving complaints and if their average rating is becoming problematic. Additionally, by clicking on a company, you can investigate further by tracking the average rating over time, rating distribution, keywords, and summaries of negative focus points.

How will you benefit?

This new module update helps you respond to issues much sooner. You can quickly identify companies in your portfolio encountering challenges and understand the specific issues raised by consumers, allowing you to decide if further action is necessary.

New Feature – Developing Stories (Newsletter)

Receive the most recent news daily in the context of related articles

Why did we add it to our solution?

When monitoring adverse media for a vast portfolio of companies, the number of articles you get alerted on can easily become overwhelming, making it harder to keep track of related stories. At Owlin, we always look for ways to help our clients save time and focus on the most important insights. Therefore, we developed a feature that sends you an easy-to-digest overview of the most recent news in the context of related articles everyday.

What’s new?

 With the Developing Stories Feature, related news articles are automatically grouped in a timeline. For example, stories like ‘Acme Corporation files for bankruptcy’ and ‘Acme Corporation goes bust’ will now be linked*. Additionally, we create a timeline that is continuously updated with new developments:

  • ‘Acme Corporation files for bankruptcy’
  • ‘Acme Corporation goes bust’
  • ‘Acme Corporation is acquired by Apex Enterprises’

Currently, we deliver developing stories via a newsletter.

*This feature builds upon our existing deduplication capabilities for grouping stories with similar titles and content.

How will you benefit?

 With the Developing Stories Feature, you will save time by focusing on the most relevant events placed in context. With this complete story in one place, you can make better-informed decisions faster without the hassle of sifting through (manually) archived articles. 

Enhanced User Experience – Side Bar

One-stop-navigation for all Owlin tools

Why did we add it to our solution?

At Owlin, we’re committed to continuously improving our platform’s usability and efficiency. The introduction of the sidebar navigation bar aligns with our goal to streamline access to essential products, modules, and features.  

What’s new?

We’ve introduced a sidebar on our dashboard that links to all our core products,  modules, and features, such as News Monitoring, Screening, Consumer Reviews, and Alerts.  

How will you benefit?

This enhancement simplifies navigation across Owlin’s comprehensive suite of tools, ensuring a more intuitive user experience and enhancing overall usability.

Enhanced Feature: Improved Auto Filters

Why did we add it to our solution? 

At Owlin, we understand the importance of efficiency and timely access to critical information for our users. The enhanced auto filters feature addresses the need to streamline the process of adding news companies to portfolios.

What’s new? 

By leveraging public data, we have significantly reduced the time required to add new entities.

How will you benefit?

You’ll experience shorter waiting times when adding a new entity, allowing faster access to risk insights.

How can we help you?

If you want to learn more and discover the updates firsthand, please contact our dedicated team at or schedule a personalized free demo directly. Our team is looking forward to showing you these improvements to our product!

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