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Strategy & Market Professionals – Competitor & Market Intelligence

With the global economy becoming more and more intertwined, Strategy & Market Intelligence professionals are coping every day with ever-increasing challenges. Gaining competitive advantage is becoming a bigger challenge than ever before. Trying to stay ahead, S&MI professionals are continuously monitoring competitor activity and on the lookout for new opportunities and market trends.

Challenges S&MI professionals face

While doing so, it is mandatory to analyze lots of data before producing and sharing any insights. However, with an ever increasing amount of data available, chances are that new insights are outdated in no time. Therefore, it is paramount to digest all the relevant (hidden) information to come to good conclusions. Now imagine the possibility to have all the relevant information within hand’s reach; independent of language barriers and geographical limits. Being able to get your hands on information from highly local or specialized sources which were hidden before. Imagine the leverage and power you have in your own bare hands.

Solution: AI-powered competitor & market intelligence

Now imagine Owlin; A tailored AI-driven solution, which uses millions of data points to generate real-time views on topics such as technological trends, regulatory developments, and investments. All of which can be categorized by industry sectors and peer landscapes. The selection goes further with custom themes that are mapped to markets, product verticals or organizational domains belong to the possibility.

Result: Data-driven decision making

Owlin facilitates tooling with the ability to explore the world in almost any form and language possible. Owlin provides a continuous monitor that gives Strategy & Market Intelligence professionals a head start on market trends and competitor activity. For instance, Owlin filters the news on new product launches, IP filings, M&A activity, and so on — enabling a data-driven input on strategic decision-making.

Owlin also generates customized real-time insights. This enables you to monitor where trends are heading. One of the big advantages is that it fuels your conversation with clients and stakeholders. Base your day-to-day operations on Owlin’s research, and translate your knowledge to new opportunities and you will have a competitive advantage.

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