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A renewed relationship with Fitch Solutions

Owlin is happy to announce that it has renewed its partnership with Fitch Solutions. For over three years, Owlin has enabled thousands of FitchConnect users globally to monitor their portfolio continuously, proactively and in near real-time. Within FitchConnect, Owlin provides credit risk and portfolio managers with valuable insight between publications and rating changes, and helps them signal emerging risk and sentiment across their portfolios. 

Within FitchConnect, Owlin continuously monitors the global web, and tracks news events on global banks, investment firms, central banks, and country risk events. users are able to rank their portfolio dynamically based on risk scores that are mapped to Fitch Ratings’ methodology, as well as positive and negative sentiment indicators. Owlin is integrated with FitchConnect across a dozen features and functionalities, including its Early Warning solution, push notifications on News Alerts, and personalized Portfolio News application.

According to a recent publication of Fitch’ and, it has become paramount for risk and portfolio managers to look at additional data in order to properly assess risk with their counter parties and investment portfolios, while seeking intelligent solutions to cope with an increasing workload and turbulent economy — which is where we’re happy to step in and lend a hand! 

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