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Dragana Knezevic about Sales Strategies and Cultural Adaption

In this blog, get valuable insights from Dragana Knezevic, Account Manager at Owlin. Let's dive into our conversation with Dragana and learn more about sales strategies and cultural adaption.

How Will PSD3 Impact PSPs’ KYC  Strategies?

In this blog, we dive deeper into the possible effects the legislation will have on the know-your-customer (KYC) strategies employed by Payment Service Providers (PSPs).

Floris Hermsen about the long, winding road to data & AI maturity

Floris Hermsen, our Head of Data Science, tells us about the role of the data science team and the ambitious goals they are working towards at Owlin.

How Schroders is Bypassing the Noise in News Sentiment to Identify Credit Risk

Waterstechnology recently wrote an article on Schroders uses Owlin's media analytics platform to identify negative news sentiment linked to credit risk.

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