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Trust Alliance Compliance Solutions and Owlin announce strategic partnership

March 5th, 2024, 08:30 AM Central European Time (Press Release) – Trust Alliance and Owlin are pleased to announce their strategic partnership to expand and bolster their compliance and risk solution suite for businesses globally.

Combining Trust Alliance’s extensive experience of over ten years in delivering reliable compliance and risk solutions and Owlin’s solutions for Third-Party Risk Management and Know Your Customer/Business (KYC/KYB), this collaboration marks a significant step forward in helping clients solve problems of today by offering them a combined end-to-end risk solution portfolio. 

As a partner, Owlin completes Trust Alliance solution portfolio by combining advanced adverse news scanning and monitoring across more than 3 million sources across 17 languages (including adverse media data, consumer reviews, sanctions data, Politically Exposed Persons data, and state of regulations). With this comprehensive approach, Owlin empowers users to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively. 

Dave van Gulik, Director at Trust Alliance: “I look forward to the collaboration with Owlin, a partnership that enables Trust Alliance to offer even more high-quality solutions to our clients. With the partnership, we can provide our clients with a fully managed risk & compliance service equipped with the most current and real-time information. Owlin’s expertise in providing real-time news and insights adds value to our clients in onboarding and monitoring third parties. Therefore, the partnership adds an extra dimension to our existing offering.”

Stefan Peekel, Chief Growth Officer at Owlin, adds: “Trust Alliance has been delivering a suite of high-quality compliance solutions for over ten years and we are thrilled about being added to their lineup. We believe Owlin’s risk insights fill in an important gap and will empower our shared customers to proactively identify compliance risks posed by third parties. 

Our real-time insights for onboarding and monitoring third parties will help our customers drive the transformation and value they are looking for. No more manual (Google) searches and no more concerns about missing important data points, thus increasing speed to insight in a controlled end-to-end risk approach. That’s what we deliver with this partnership.”

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About Owlin

Owlin is an AI-driven Third Party Risk Monitoring solution that helps businesses feed better and faster risk insights into daily risk management workflows in real time. Owlin applies AI and Natural Language Processing to provide valuable insights hidden in the data. It ensures its users don’t get lost in the wealth of information by visualizing complex data in a simple and customizable interface. 

About Trust Alliance Compliance Solutions

Trust Alliance has been delivering reliable compliance solutions for over ten years, collaborating with industry leaders like Refinitiv to ensure businesses make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and comply with international regulations.

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