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Third-Party Risk Management

Owlin helps you find the needle in the haystack and surface relevant insights, signals and risks from over 3 million sources. Quickly, transparently and across the globe in 18 different languages.


Owlin is a single-stop information platform, fully tailored to your unique risk environment. By combining internal and external information you create full and complete overviews with minimal effort thus maximizing output.

  • No more scattered information – Owlin combines all your data points
  • No more labor intensive manual work – Owlin improves your efficiency
  • No more reactive tasks – Owlin proactively informs you


Comply with regulatory and sustainability requirements by staying on top of emerging risk and trends.
Monitor press releases, rulings and guidance from regulatory agencies with alerts, customized to your area of focus ensuring you stay ahead of unforeseen events.


With Owlin, you have a flexible SaaS application and powerful API suite. It is designed to fit with your daily workflows, existing ecosystems, or delivered to end-users without compromises. Make sure you leverage all available data to put you one step ahead.


Efficient and complete insights

By leveraging multiple combined data sources with a robust infrastructure, extreme insight is delivered. Be reliably and continuously informed, increase your depth of control and substantiate your gut-feeling to provide your company with valuable and complete information.

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How you will benefit

Optimal insights, perfect workflow

Where information is usually outdated and requires manual effort, Owlin helps you with a repeatable, qualitative and quantitative process of risk monitoring. Export your valuable insights in your workflow, use our API’s to integrate in your internal tooling and backup your reporting with real time insights.

Our Solutions

Real time information on relevant events

Prioritize your work based on only focussing on events that might disrupt your business or supply chain. Use your time efficiently based on actual timely insights and digest large amounts of data in user friendly visualizations.

Our Solutions

Predictive analytics at your disposal

Make sure to be informed on important trends and spot impactful events ahead of competition. Adjust or confirm your strategy based on real time information and outperform the market. 

Our Solutions

Actionable Intelligence

Using the latest technologies in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, we help you to monitor, analyze, and prioritize the wealth of information that impacts your business or portfolio.

Millions of sources

Get the full picture by leveraging Owlin's proprietary news and data pipeline. Enrich with premium content or internal data to come to a one-stop-shop of essential intelligence.

Multiple languages

Our proprietary machine translation models include 18 languages including English, Chinese, and Russian, making sure we capture all the events that matter to you.

AI-powered Predictive Analytics

A wide range of NLP and ML-powered analytics that classify, rank, score, and extract meaningful insight from unstructured data.

Plug and play

Intuitive applications visualize the data and easily fit it into your workflow. Integrate with your own applications or models using our API.

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