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Our Journey

We started in 2012 and have quickly grown to a point where we successfully serve a global portfolio of Tier 1 financial institutions, corporates and Big Four Consultancies. As our client base has grown significantly we have continuously improved our solutions, products and underlying infrastructure, making sure we are, and stay, the best provider in the market.

As icing on the cake, we have received multiple recognitions and industry awards while also earning the trust of our clients and helping the risk management industry evolve. 

Click here to read the interview with our CEO and Co-founder Sjoerd Leemhuis expanding on the history and future of Owlin.


Owlin raises $250,000 in seed funding to continue the development of its real-time news analysis platform


Evolution from a news-listing to a news-analysis platform to help financial institutions assess risk and identify opportunities


Receives $3.5m Series A funding from Velocity Capital


Opens a new office on Park Avenue, New York


Winner of the Fintech Impact Award


Launch of the Owlin 3.0 Platform


Owlin recognized as a market leader ‘Third Party Risk Management’, ‘Governance Risk and Compliance’, and ‘Conduct and Control’ in the “GRC Solutions, 2021: Market Update and Vendor Landscape” report by Chartis Research.


Recognized as The Best Data Analytics Provider by Waters Technology in its 2021 Rankings


Owlin appoints Stefan Peekel as its Chief Growth Offficer.


US office lifts off by providing solutions for multiple fortune 500 companies.


Decided to keep our remote policies. Combining the best of both worlds with offices in Amsterdam & New York and facilitating working from home.


Moving into a new office in Amsterdam (because luckily people still enjoy coming to our office).

Our Mission and Plans

Owlin’s mission is to shape a better-informed world.

The company was launched in the aftermath of the financial crisis when the enduring problem was a lack of sufficient information to ensure adequate risk management.

The challenge we have today is an overwhelming surplus of information, resulting in excessive noise and making it hard to distinguish what is relevant and what isn’t.

To overcome this, we plan to continue expanding the scope of our platform, introducing coverage for all types of variables and data points and employ the power of AI and NLP to help our clients with even more accurate insights.

Our end goal is to bring clients a truly holistic 360-degree market view with access to a broad range of relevant data sources in a single end-to-end dashboard and API kit, effectively making us the one-stop-shop for actionable intelligence.

Interested in joining us in our mission? If you want to become a part of our ambitious team and help us challenge the status quo, browse our job openings and apply for the position that best fits your profile and talent. We would love to hear from you!


Winner category Best Data Analytics Provider



Hackathon Winner

Hackathon Winner

Jury Prize Winner

2nd out of thousands

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