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Partnership Venminder & Owlin

Collaborating partners since 2022

About Venminder

Venminder is the industry’s leading third-party risk management solution provider.

In 2022 Venminder launched VenmonitorTM, a new software tool that brings the industry’s best risk intelligence data into one central location, allowing organizations to easily screen vendor or supplier performance across multiple risk domains. VenmonitorTM provides comprehensive coverage into cybersecurity risk, ESG risk, privacy risk, Know Your Vendor risk, business health and credit risk, and adverse media.

For the risk domain adverse media monitoring, Venminder partners with Owlin.  

“Monitoring vendors on a continual basis to identify and address any issues before they become larger problems is critical. Our partnership with Owlin delivers valuable adverse media risk intelligence to our customers. They use this data to determine if their vendors are putting their organization’s reputation at risk and empowers them to make better risk-based decisions.”

James Hyde, Chief Executive Officer Venminder

What does it look like?

Owlin is now available in VenmonitorTM

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