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Product Release Update Quarter 1 2024 – Owlin

Discover the key releases within the Owlin platform that will simplify your workflow and bring peace of mind to your work life. Read about it in our Product Release Update Q1 2024.

Owlin Screening

What’s new? 

Owlin Screening is an advanced technology intended to transform company vetting. Say goodbye to manual searches and hello to a world where missing key information is a thing of the past.

Powered by AI, Owlin Screening helps save time and uncover relevant risk insights within multiple databases such as Adverse Media data, Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), Watchlists, and more. Additionally, users can consolidate all risk insights into one comprehensive case and collaboration solution by adding datasets like 8K, 10K, Consumer Reviews, and Sanctions Data. Moreover, Owlin Screening maximizes collaboration efficiency by seamlessly annotating and sharing screening cases with team members.

How will you benefit?

Our advanced AI technology streamlines the screening process, reduces manual work, and optimizes operations to ensure compliance (effortlessly manage KYC, AML, CDD, and Sanctions screenings), enhance security (vet employees, vendors, and partners to prevent fraud), and drive decisions (inform your strategic moves with detailed checks and due diligence). 

7 Years of Historical Adverse Media 

What’s new?

We expanded our adverse media coverage, enabling you to go back 7 years. Even if the article is deleted, we got it!

How will you benefit?

Accessing 7 years of historical data enhances our adverse media coverage, offering deeper insights and ensuring comprehensive risk assessment. Therefore, this update further empowers informed decision-making, mitigating risks even more effectively and enhancing operational confidence.

AI-generated Summaries of News Articles

What’s new?

We are now leveraging the latest AI technologies to generate summaries of news articles. No more tedious reading through endless media articles or constructing your own queries to uncover vital information. Our Smart Summary engine has been designed to deliver summaries tailored to your risk environment quickly and securely. 

How will you benefit?

This update lets you focus solely on relevant summaries rather than lengthy articles. This will save you time, especially when sifting through extensive archives spanning years of news coverage.

Alert Rule Titles in Email Notifications 

What’s new?

The title of an alert rule is now included in the email’s subject line.

How will you benefit?

Recognizing the alert rule in the email subject line immediately helps you distinguish between alerts seamlessly. This clarity enhances your understanding of the email content, enabling you to prioritize accordingly. Plus, it’s effortless to forward alerts to interested parties.

How can we help you?

If you are interested in learning more and discovering the updates firsthand, please reach out to our dedicated team via or contact page or schedule a personalized free demo directly. We are eager to showcase more and assist you in exploring the possibilities!

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