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Product Release Update Quarter 3 2023 – Owlin

Discover the key releases within the Owlin platform that will simplify your workflow and bring peace of mind to your worklife. Read about it in our Product Release Update Q3 2023.

Consumer Review Monitoring

What’s new?

With the additional feature Consumer Review Monitoring you get the ability to detect leading risk signals, such as signs of distress (e.g., delivery- or product issues) well ahead of a bankruptcy event. This capability gives you a significant advantage in proactively mitigating risk, preventing potential financial disasters, and safeguarding operations and reputation. This will specifically be very useful for our PSP user to fight chargeback risks.

How you will benefit

As an Owlin user, you can now continuously monitor and analyze consumer reviews for all your merchants, ensuring comprehensie oversights. You can choose your preferred topic you want to monitor, aligning with the type of merchant when negative trends are identified for a specific topic or overall.

Curated Filters Base Package 2.0

What’s new?

The recent improvements in filter quality represent a significant step forward. These enhanced filters effectively distinguish between negative and positive news and enables you to track topics with more precision. As a result, the accuracy of the filtering systems has increased, reducing the noise in the information streams.

How you will benefit

As an Owlin user, with the curated Filters Base Package 2.0 you get fewer noisy articles and even more accurate information. This means less time spent on fixing it, affording you more time for other pursuits.

How can we help you?

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