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Banks – How AI platform Owlin helps banks monitor portfolios

“Owlin provided us with very specific intel that provided us with early insights, helping us take the right decision”

A banker, dedicated to managing a portfolio of large international corporations is continuously on the lookout for both opportunities and risk. The portfolio, which consists of many large corporates in one or more sectors looks overseeable, but there are continuous challenges that need to be handled;

Challenges banks face

Large corporates often have several brands, office locations and many subsidiaries; impossible to monitor all of them. Exposure is often large, creating the need to be on top of emerging events. Competition between banks is fierce, creating a need to be the best; in product, service and price, not mentioning 3rd parties that are trying to ‘be the next bank’. Regulations, audit and reporting requirements increase dramatically, creating extensive workloads.

How Owlin helps banks stay on top of emerging events

By allowing bankers to combine a variety of data points, which are analyzed by the application of NLP and AI, data becomes information. The solution is fully tailored to the daily work of these hardened professionals. Where previously confronted with uncertainty of not knowing the details evolving around the less covered events, Owlin’s tool brings an extra angle and provides an added degree of certainty.

By pushing emerging events immediately and allowing for global and language agnostic research, Owlin brings back control and comfort; knowing what is needed to know and be the first to act on opportunity or risk. “I use the App, Newsletter and Dashboard for only minutes per day, but it does bring that extra bit of information; often the news that is not brought by mainstream media”, an Owlin user stated recently to emphasize the low effort, high impact of the Owlin solution.


In a continuously changing environment such as banking, being in control and on top of emerging events sets a banker apart. Full insights, sliced to their specific use case covering all sources available, provides the controls to steer, intervene and adjust at the right time, at the right place.

“The use of Owlin mitigated a big risk for the bank, but the other banks in the syndicate were very happy that at least I was up to date on important information. This shows that Owlin is an example of low-effort, high-impact tooling. I hope the rest of my team is able to leverage Owlin soon, it will absolutely help them every day”

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