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Case Study KPMG

The challenge

In a niche where providing market intelligence and real-time actionable reports is of utmost importance, organizations need to stay on top of the latest trends and timely spot emerging themes.

The solution

Owlin helps multiple KPMG departments get ahead of the latest developments in various industries within the European and American markets. Our platform fueled the switch from a legacy system, relying on backward-looking indicators and historical data and ensured timely delivery of leading indicators and actionable insights.

This equipped the client with the ability to actively monitor macro and meso events and competitor activity and better position itself to capitalize on emerging opportunities. Our collaboration helps KPMG’s team detect material risks related to supply chain networks as soon as they arise, ensuring the needed time to strategize and react.

“Their ability to come up with innovative designs, strong data visualizations, and an understandable user interface has exceeded our expectations time and time again.”

KPMG on Owlin

Owlin’s ability to gather risk data from various third-party and alternative sources helps ensure better protection from arising threats and looming risks. By employing Natural-Language Processing, our platform analyzes the topics of interest that gain the biggest press attention to bring the client the latest relevant information at their fingertips.

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