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Transparent credit risk and counterparty monitoring for first-class regulatory compliance

The challenge

As a global leader in credit ratings and research, Fitch Solutions works with enormous amounts of informational inputs from conventional and alternative data points, which they provide to thousands of credit and risk managers globally. The result is a time-consuming and intensive scoring procedure. Paired with the increased regulatory push for more accurate counterparty monitoring, the challenges for Fitch Connect end users become enough to complicate and slow-down the organizational efficiency.

The solution

Fitch Solutions’ cooperation with Owlin allowed the company to ensure the adequate and timely informational coverage of an extensive portfolio of private and foreign entities, for which data is usually behind a language barrier, incomplete, outdated, or completely lacking.

Owlin’s ability to simultaneously monitor over 4.500 financial institutions and generate actionable insights based on news sentiment and analytics is invaluable between filing cycles and rating changes.

A bank’s Head of Risk Management says the ability to filter news sentiment at the portfolio level is “a godsend” because their current system of Google alerts was arduous and overwhelming.”

Fitch Solutions on a user of Owlin’s integration in FitchConnect

Credit and Risk managers receive real-time alerts, relevant news, and insights on their portfolios, further complementing the research and credit ratings they already have in place. This allows them to detect the unknown knowns and not only overcome the barrier of the lack of information but even collect data from unconventional and hard-to-access.

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