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Partnership DiligenceVault & Owlin

Collaborating partners since 2022

About DiligenceVault

DiligenceVault is a secure digital diligence platform – built with an industry ecosystem in mind. Today, over 45,000 users leverage the platform in digitalizing the way they manage their due diligences. Founded in 2014, DiligenceVault is backed by Goldman Sachs, and delivers a global support promise with teams in New York, London, Singapore, and India.

At DiligenceVault we always look for best-in-class solutions that are complementary to our services and create value for our customers. Owlin’s Risk Intelligence search and analysis software can help our customers analyze the wealth of news on the internet and facilitate insightful decisions, and we are happy to recommend their services to our customers.

Giulia Baiocchi, Head of Partnerships at DiligenceVault 

What does it look like?

Owlin is now available in the DiligenceVault partner portal (section Risk Management). 

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