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Owlin for PSPs

Introducing Owlin for PSPs, the ultimate solution for Payment Service Providers (PSPs) seeking streamlined onboarding, monitoring, and offboarding processes. Our platform offers

  • Comprehensive screening across multiple databases during onboarding.
  • Continuous monitoring of all merchants, aiding in prioritization of risks.
  • Simplified offboarding with retained case information, ensuring an end-to-end audit trail.

Find out how Owlin for PSPs adds value to your organization!

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Why do PSPs Leverage Owlin?

Comprehensive Onboarding and Automated Monitoring

Owlin for PSPs is a comprehensive solution for automating and integrating Client Identification Program and Customer Due Diligence processes. Our solution streamlines operations by conducting thorough checks across various databases simultaneously, encompassing:

  • Adverse Media Data
  • Chamber of Commerce Data
  • Sanctions Data
  • Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Data
  • State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) Data
  • Black- and Warning lists
  • Consumer Reviews
  • PDF documents
  • Alternative Data (e.g. financial statements)

Ensure merchant compliance post-onboarding approval through proactive monitoring. Save customized queries and receive alerts for relevant risk indicators.

Access to 3 Million Sources and 17+ Languages

Utilizing cutting-edge algorithms, Owlin conducts ongoing scans of more than 3 million diverse sources, spanning various languages, nearly instantaneously. Owlin efficiently identifies crucial signals by leveraging AI capabilities and presenting them through intuitive graphs and alerts. This translates into unmatched speed in acquiring insights and significant time savings for users.

Streamline Offboarding Procedures

Streamline case management effortlessly with Owlin for PSP’s user-friendly capabilities:

  • Close and archive cases seamlessly from the onboarding and monitoring stages with a single click.
  • Retain all case information, including internal identifiers associated with the case.
  • Easily export case content and related comments into a CSV file, or seamlessly integrate via API with internal tools.

Frequently asked questions about Owlin for PSPs

How does Owlin conduct Adverse Media Searches?

Our process involves cutting-edge algorithms that tirelessly scan through over 3 million sources, including both mainstream and niche outlets, across 17 languages, nearly in real-time. Powered by AI, particularly Natural Language Processing (NLP), we distill relevant signals into easily digestible graphs and alerts, allowing users to concentrate on vital information. For deeper insights into Owlin’s Adverse Media capabilities, delve into our blog post titled ‘Adverse media check? Why a Google Search isn’t enough

Is collaborative work possible within Owlin for PSPs?

Certainly! Enhance collaboration by annotating and sharing onboarding cases seamlessly with team members. Moreover, user-generated queries can be saved, transferred, or delegated to colleagues, fostering streamlined teamwork.

Can I integrate Owlin for PSPs into my existing tools?

At Owlin we recognize that many users already have many tools to perform their tasks. Therefore, Owlin for PSPs distinguishes itself with seamless integration capabilities into existing tools and systems PSPs utilize.

Does Owlin for PSPs generate audit trails?

Yes, it does. Owlin for PSPs allows you to generate audit trails of each onboarding case quickly.

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