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Emerging Markets Credits

With stakes becoming higher and higher, the pressure on traditional Portfolio Managers is ever increasing. Higher returns on bigger portfolios are expected and the return is being sought in less transparent markets and/or emerging economies, creating constant challenges. So what are the main challenges we are dealing with..?

– monitoring bigger portfolios with a large diversity in types of investments;
– gaining all knowledge concerning these investments. Even about the economies and regulations of the countries they are located in;
– the ability to read up on all the information, often written in foreign languages;
– overcoming the low coverage on privately held companies by big media.

In short: Higher returns on a portfolio allocated mostly in emerging markets credit with hardly accessible information creates the need for more insights.

Nowadays, a Portfolio Manager Emerging Market cannot manage without high tech solutions such as Owlin. Therefore a Portfolio Manager Emerging Markets is always on the lookout for these types of innovative solutions to overcome the challenges above. Owlin empowers the Portfolio Manager to retrieve all relevant information when it comes to that specific non-listed infrastructure project in Chile. A project, which is often not covered by traditional media outlets such as Bloomberg.

Examples that come to mind are oil spills in rural areas affecting the oil company or local protests and blockages in urban areas decreasing efficiency in transportation. These are all very relevant in terms of risk management but hardly covered by big media outlets. The modern Asset Manager does it differently though; using and leveraging innovations like Owlin, the newly formed Asset Manager is able to drill down that specific uncovered information which has not been picked up by the big media.

Going forward, benchmark portfolios are often used in order to cherry-pick the best investments. The intrinsic result is a huge workload. Besides monitoring not only the current investment portfolio, but the need has also risen to monitor the entire benchmark for future investments. With Owlin, this all is possible in a fraction of time that was originally needed.

By incorporating the Owlin solution in your organization, you are finally able to cover large portfolios across different markets. Now it is finally possible to be on top of your portfolio and change the game of Portfolio Management. Matching reporting and auditing criteria has never been that easy.

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