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Owlin Enterprise

360 Monitoring of the Outside World. Your way.

Are you searching for an effective way to keep track of a vast amount of entities in your global portfolio?  

Owlin Enterprise is fully customizable to your organizational needs, helping you stay ahead by ensuring you get all the critical signals relevant to your business.

Gain Complete Insight into Your Global Portfolio with Owlin Enterprise

Owlin Enterprise provides complete visibility into your global portfolio and helps you focus on relevant global events with personalized perspectives. Quickly gather information and enhance your understanding of the outside world with quick searches and data enrichment options.

>3 million sources

With Owlin, you have access to millions of news and web sources, which can be enriched with premium content or internal data.

Global Coverage

Concerned about missing global adverse media signals? Fear not, our cutting-edge algorithms provide coverage in a total of 17 languages.


We ensure that duplicated and similar events are efficiently grouped together to prevent an excessive amount of articles from overwhelming you.

Event Scoring

Our transparent and auditable scoring models help you to ensure you will detect any significant signals or trends that may affect your business.


Our sophisticated query language empowers you to extract information from various sources with precision and versatility, by classifying entities, topics, and events accurately.

Personalized lenses

Our goal is to tailor the experience to meet the individual needs of our customers. To achieve this, in Owlin Enterprise, we empower users to customize lenses and scores to their exact requirements.

Dedicated support

We get it, starting Owlin Enterprise can feel like a lot. Therefore, we always add a dedicated analyst and account manager to your project(s), so you know you’ll certainly leverage Owlin to the fullest.

Always improving

At Owlin, our clients are the center of everything we do. We prioritize their needs by integrating feedback into our product roadmap, ensuring that our offering remains relevant and constantly improves over time.

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We are proud to help our clients find risk and market insights relevant to their business.

We are proud to help our clients find risk and market insights relevant to their business.


Barry Landegent, Head of Customer Monitoring at Adyen says:

“About a year ago we had a risk exposure on a merchant. Due to Owlin we found out that there were a lot of customer complaints ongoing and that they were not returning funds to shoppers and they were not delivering their service anymore.”

Case study Adyen



Wim van Nes, Head of Credit Risk, says:

“The difference with Owlin is that you have the comfort that you have swept everything and that if a predefined keyword is triggered, you will get an alert. You have far more peace of mind that you have caught everything that is publicly available. On the other hand, we know that if there is no signal, there is probably nothing.”

Case study NN Investment Partners



Erik Stelwagen, Senior Investigations Manager, says: 

“Even if adverse news monitoring in Owlin helps companies with large-scale clients like Worldline avoid just a single loss per year, it will bring an extremely solid ROI.“

Case study Worldline



Fitch Solutions on a user of Owlin’s integration in FitchConnect:

“A bank’s Head of Risk Management says the ability to filter news sentiment at the portfolio level is “a godsend” because their current system of Google alerts was arduous and overwhelming.”

Case study Fitch Solutions


Solutions we offer

Uncover the power of Owlin’s AI-powered solutions for keeping your portfolio under watchful eyes. Discover the diverse range of industries and scenarios we cater to by exploring the links below:

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