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Why do insurance companies need TPRM frameworks?

By Dragana Knežević, Sales Development Representative – Insurance companies, like other financial services firms, need to comply with strict standards and regulations. They are required to...

Simplifying TPRM: leverage risk intelligence scoring to cut through complexity

Download now We believe in transparency and building trust in the technology our clients adopt. Therefore this white paper shares our views on how sentiment scoring can add value in the third party...

Continuous Vendor Risk Management Requires Improvement

By: Danny Haydon, Chief Commercial Officer, Owlin Inc. – In furthering my knowledge of the TPRM space, I recently came across a survey conducted by Venminder, indicating that over 40% of...

Adverse Media Monitoring with AI: Features our Clients Love

With an AI solution like Owlin, companies can gather information from diverse internal and external sources for adverse media monitoring. Of course, gathering information is just the first step...

Negative News Monitoring: why AI is Crucial

Millions of news articles are published daily in official and unofficial sources; it can take just one to destabilize your organization. Therefore, negative news monitoring is crucial for companies...

Expert View: Is Continuous Monitoring the Holy Grail of Third Party Risk Management?

Recent observations of the Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) landscape from industry conferences, surveys, and independent research have raised the question of whether continuous monitoring of...

TPRM Challenge: Integrating Alternative Datasets

This blog series discusses four key third-party risk management challenges for 2022. Last week we investigated the underestimation of requirements to execute Sound TPRM. This week: integrating...

TPRM Challenge: Underestimation of Requirements to Execute Sound TPRM

This blog series discusses four key third-party risk management challenges for 2022. Last week we discussed the evolution to full scope continuous monitoring. This week: the underestimation of...

TPRM challenge: Evolution to Full Scope Continuous Monitoring

In this blog series, we discuss four key third-party risk management challenges for 2022. Last week we talked about the increasing impact of third-party incidents. This week: the evolution to full...

TPRM Challenge: Increasing Impact of Third-Party Incidents

In this blog series, we discuss four key third-party risk management challenges for 2022. This first blog is about the increasing impact of third-party incidents. Authors: Stefan Peekel & Danny...


The role of technology & data in addressing 2022’s TPRM Challenges Major events over the past few years like Brexit, the Covid-19 Pandemic, disruptions due to the Suez Canal blockage and...

Danny Haydon joins Owlin as US Chief Commercial Officer

After opening office in New York in 2021 and with the recent hiring of Stefan Peekel as Chief Growth Officer, we today are proud to announce Danny Haydon as the Chief Commercial...

A Coffee Talk with Sjoerd Leemhuis, CEO and Co-founder of Owlin

“The data universe is growing, and we are determined to cover the entire landscape” Few would argue that there is a better spot for a morning coffee in our beloved Amsterdam than somewhere with a...

A Glimpse In the Rearview and Ahead – the Story of Owlin

We believe that, every once in a while, companies need to look in the mirror. Not only to measure the effect of time on themselves but also to understand how they have affected others – their...

Owlin named as ‘Category Leader’ for three key management segments in Chartis’ Latest Survey

Owlin, the leading provider of AI-powered text and news analytics  solutions for financial institutions, has been recognized as a market leader ‘Third Party Risk Management’, ‘Governance...

Owlin names Stefan Peekel Chief Growth Officer

To drive the growth for 2021 and beyond New York, USA, August 2, 2021, Owlin Inc., a leading provider of an AI & NLP platform that provides real-time insights and control for the financial...

Enhancing ESG-Scoring for Sustainable Investment Portfolios

NN Investment Partners & Owlin In a nutshell: The Head of Credit Risk and the Portfolio Manager of Commercial Real Estate Debt at NN IP, one of the leading investment firms in the EU, share how...

Voices in Payments Podcast

In the second episode of PaymentGenes’ “Voices in Payments” podcast series season 2, Sjoerd Leemhuis, CEO & Co-founder at Owlin joined host Diederik Klopper. Together, they dive into the...

Augmenting ESG Ratings With NLP for Better Investments

With the increased focus on ESG, over the next couple of years financial institutions will be pressured to incorporate more and better data. Relying on ESG-ratings alone won’t be enough to convince...

Ohm Research & Owlin – A Practical Example of How to Make the Most Out of Emerging Market Opportunities

A multi-billion market for innovation and start-ups; a self-reinventing financial market system; a booming engineering and tech talent pool; an improving healthcare system; a flourishing insurance...

Empowering Leading Payments Companies With Adverse News Monitoring

The size of the e-commerce sector had tripled during the last five years. For the next 5 to 7 years, different research groups estimate its CAGR at between 14% and 20%. This opens the door for...

How Worldline uses Owlin for Adverse News Monitoring

Owlin continues to streamline Adyen’s merchant risk monitoring processes. Every day, Adyen’s risk team can zoom-in on what’s happening with its vendors all across the world.

How Adverse News Monitoring Benefits Companies With Large Client Portfolios

Financial crimes today are not only alive and kicking but at all-time highs. The reason is companies’ inability to timely monitor the micro-level activity within their client portfolios due to...

How Payments Company Adyen Leverages Owlin for Merchant Risk Management

Owlin continues to streamline Adyen’s merchant risk monitoring processes. Every day, Adyen’s risk team can zoom-in on what’s happening with its vendors all across the world.

Building Resilient Supply Chains Through Technology

Today’s interconnected world is heavily reliant on the seamless operation of supply chains. Under the influence of globalization, they have evolved to complex multi-tiered webs of nodes. ...

Financial Markets Outlook – Opportunities, Trends, and Challenges in 2021

The Owlin team curated a list with the top trends and challenges we believe will be shaping the industry throughout the next 12 months. The past year was challenging. It changed the way we live,...

COVID-19 Impact Monitor

Find more about our real-time dashboard that clarifies how COVID-19 is impacting industries and markets.

Panel Discussion: Schroders & Owlin

A panel discussion between Emmanuelle Mathey and Bob Koster on how NLP enables Risk Management to anticipate on emerging risk.

Interview: Fintech TV & Owlin

In an episode of Fintech Focus TV, Toby is joined Sjoerd Leemhuis, Managing Director and co-founder of Owlin.

How Schroders is Bypassing the Noise in News Sentiment to Identify Credit Risk

A Waterstechnology article on Schroders using Owlin.

An Owlin employee explaining the origins of Quantum Mechanics

Willem Westra, PhD, co-owner of Owlin, recently presented a possibly groundbreaking paper on theoretical physics.

A renewed relationship with Fitch Solutions

Owlin is happy to announce that it has renewed its partnership with Fitch Solutions.

Podcast: Owlin & New Business Radio

“The best way to learn, is being confronted with it everyday”

Corporate Banking

A case study on how Corporate Banking become more efficient and in control leveraging the power of NLP on a day to day basis.

Merchant Risk Management

Application of NLP and news analytics provides real time insights for Payment Professionals managing a global portfolio of SME and Large Corporate Merchants.

Emerging Markets Credits

How do you combat the risks faced when investing in less transparent markets and/or emerging economies?

Credit & Counterparty Risk

How monitoring of large portfolios of counterparties and complying with internal guidelines and strict regulatory obligations go hand in hand when applying NLP and Machine Learning.

Commercial Real Estate

A detailed description of how NLP improves insights in real estate portfolios, flagging emerging risk and spotting business opportunities.

Alternative Data

A case study on the use of Alternative Data in investing.

Why the use of real-time news analytics increases during turbulent economic times

How NLP improves your performance during the Corona Crisis by optimizing insights in emerging risk in your investment portfolio.

The Wisdom Of The Crowd: what does it tell us in times of market disruption?

The world is confused and panicked about COVID-19. We don’t know how this will play out, but a pandemic of this magnitude is not unprecedented. In the early twentieth century the Spanish Flu...

How To Incorporate Real-Time Data Analytics In Economic Volatile Times

In March 2020, we published a paper touching upon the importance of data analytics during times of high market volatility. Since then, the global pandemic resulted in an economic crisis, followed by...

Private Equity

A description of how private equity firms can leverage NLP and data analytics for optimal insights.

Strategy & Market Intelligence

Explaining how the use of new NLP increases insights in highly specialized markets.

How to Remove Informational Barriers From Non-Transparent or Emerging Markets

Zoomlion is the world’s sixth-largest and China’s leading construction machinery enterprise. Considering the boom in the local construction sector and the increased demand and export of...

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